With a love of cars I have been lucky enough to be sponsored to take part in the Cannonball 8000 car rally, reporting for the Sun, each year we entered two cars. In 2005 I took part with Nick Moran (Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels) and in 2006 with Chris Brosnan, (Pierce Brosnan’s son and the reality star from Love Island on ITV).

2005 was a particulary significant year as we were sponsored by Henri Zimand, an International businessman and philanthropist who lost his wife, Anda Zimand to Cancer. Henri created a cancer awareness driven website set up in her memory to help support the 1 in 3 people are affected by the disease. So as well as having the experience of a lifetime it was a great opportunity for us to raise awareness for Cancer, which sadly at some point touches us all. Anda's sense of adventure would have loved the rally and we were proud to take part and honour her name.

2005: London to Rome

Sun Article: Girls have got Cannonballs

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Andaspirit sponsor two Stylebible Cars
The Trilogy Continues
The Munich Monkeys
Fountain Frolics

2006: London to Budapest

Sun Article: Hanging out with the Big Guns

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On the Road, Cannonball Style
Pretty in Prague
Bubbly in Budapest

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