From the age of nine when I raided the family restaurant’s fridge to set up shop selling cold drinks from a wheel barrow on the golf course opposite our home in Portugal, I knew I wanted to be my own boss.

From chalet girl to stewardess; from marketing consultant to director – I have clawed my way up the ladder with a gift for languages, a can-do attitude and no concept of the word no!

After a spell in international corporations and with 4 years of IT training behind me, learning how to (and, more importantly, how not to) do it, I launched my web design business Strategic Design in 1999. I filled the next few years with thrilling and diverse opportunities to learn on the job and develop my own reputation and brand, and this included winning the contract for and building a high-fashion website for Gina shoes to taking the whimsical and educational site for “Noddy TM”

Once I’d gained the confidence of the market building other people’s websites, in 2005 I launched a website of my own: . Quite simply a short cut to the very best that the sophisticated fashionista and urban consumer would expect, Stylebible is a comprehensive collection of the places to eat, drink, shop and sleep in the world’s most fashionable cities. My website, and I, are consistently featured in the press with rave reviews in fashion publications like The Sunday Times Style and Grazia magazines, broadsheet publications like The Independent, and serious news magazines like Newsweek, Stylebible has gone from strength to strength as we celebrate 5 years of signposting luxury in 2010.

Personally, from an appearance on prime-time entrepreneurial TV programme Dragon’s Den to a double page spread in Grazia on my work, my commitment to promoting and cementing our place in the market – a market where Stylebible has been much imitated but never bettered - has been tireless, and whilst we’ve had world-wide acclaim so far, I’m still determined to make Stylebible the most significant lifestyle magazine since Daily Candy with our USP being that each review is trusted and independent. As they say, this space has plans, so watch this space!

Making a success has meant a total immersion in my business (apparently some people use eight hours of a day to sleep... pah!) – and I avidly read all I can on how to improve my business and self, from the great business, IT teachers ad innovators of our time. If you have something great to say then I want to listen, you can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or email, (simply click on the link to the left) and am currently in talks with one of Britain’s businessmen about funding for Stylebible.

Outside of work I volunteer for homeless charity Crisis (for the last 8 years), I am inspired by the movie ‘Pay it Forward’ and the ‘One Giant Leap’ documentaries.

I am single, live in London and invest in my friends as my family.


In 2007 I was delighted to be nominated and accepted for the British American Project, a transatlantic association to forge business links between the UK and the USA.

In 2008 I was selected for the Courvoisier Future 500 in association with the Observer newspaper.

I currently hold the world record for the United Kingdom for competitive shopping, retaining my crown from [2009].